The Asian Migrants Credit Union (AMCU) is a savings and credit cooperative of and for the migrants. It is the first and only credit union of migrant workers of various nationalities in Hong Kong.

Our objectives are:
• to promote savings consciousness and practice among its members;
• promote enabling environment for savings and asset building;
• offer low-interest loans for members;
• provide bigger interest on savings;
• provide capacity building and training on financial management and related skills;
• and help raise and deepen understanding of members on savings, credit and economic development matters.

- Since 2008, we have opened more than 400 accounts for migrant workers.
- AMCU is overseen by the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department of the Hong Kong Government.  Principles and guidelines are laid out by Chapter 119 - the Credit Union Ordinance - of the Legislation of Hong Kong as well as the AMCU By-laws.

Clarence Lee, Manager (, +852 6799 7127)

AMCU officers for 2014-2015
Board of Directors
President - April Lai
Vice President - Grace "Shiella" Estrada
Treasurer - Sujata Visaria
Director - Veneranda Non

Credit Committee
Eli de Vera, Chairperson
Luela "Balotte" Mirafuentes

Supervisory Committee
Emma Gementiza, Chairperson
Mulyani Supriyanti
Liza B Marcelino