NEW! Gift A Savings Scheme

In Hong Kong, employers are required to contribute to a financial safety net for their employees, with only a few exceptions.  Domestic workers are one such exception.  You can change that for your domestic worker. Get in touch with us HERE.  It only takes a minute!

Are you the employer of a domestic worker? Would you like to help her build a financially secure future?

In many jobs in Hong Kong the employer offers (is required to offer!) a contribution to the employee’s provident fund (MPF). This helps to build a safety net for the future – something to rely on in one’s old age and retirement. But under Hong Kong law, domestic employees are “exempt persons” – they are not required to join the MPF scheme. Coupled with the general lack of formal financial services for domestic workers, this makes it even harder for them to save regularly and build up their assets.

At AMCU we now offer a new Gift A Savings Scheme – an employer-employee co-contribution scheme that can fill this gap. By helping her save a small sum each month, you can give your domestic worker a great start on her journey to become financially secure.

Key Features:

  • Employer sets up a monthly direct bank deposit into the domestic worker’s AMCU account.
  • The exact amount of the monthly deposit is chosen by employer and employee in consultation.
  •  The monthly direct deposit amount is made up of co-contributions by employer and employee.
  •  The domestic worker can add to or withdraw her savings from her AMCU account at any time.
  •  The employer has no ownership or control over the domestic worker’s AMCU account.
  • The employer or employee can choose to discontinue the Scheme at any time with no penalties.
  • Participating employers will receive an annual report on the aggregate impact of the Scheme.

How to Enroll:

Please take one minute to fill out this form. We will get back to you at your convenience. We will walk you through the 3 easy steps to setting up the Scheme:
  • how to have a conversation with your domestic worker about the Scheme, including how to ensure transparency of monthly payment records
  • how your domestic worker can open an account with AMCU
  • how you can set up a standing instruction with your bank for a monthly auto-debit to AMCU

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To see how the Scheme would work, consider this example below.

Sharon and her employer John agree to co-contribute $200 each into the Gift A Savings Scheme.

Effectively, John gifts Sharon an additional $200 in savings each month by transferring it directly to Sharon’s AMCU account. Sharon matches this contribution by allowing John to transfer another $200 from her salary into her AMCU account. She agrees to take $4,300 in hand instead of her usual $4,500.

After participating in the Scheme for 12 months, Sharon and John will have saved $4,800 in Sharon’s AMCU account.

Both Sharon and John will enjoy greater peace-of-mind knowing that Sharon has a safety net for future needs.